Accelerating global precision medicine

Mango Sciences is connecting the health data of millions from underrepresented populations to global research. Our advanced analytics platform unlocks key health insights from complex clinical data to improve precision medicine and optimize patient care for all populations.

With established provider and health system partnerships in emerging markets, Mango was built on a strong foundation of real-world evidence and diverse global health data that is already enabling better quality of care for millions.

Patient Representation

We are leading a movement of health equity by bringing diverse, real-world health data to clinical research and precision medicine, improving personalized treatments and care.

Provider Enablement

Our data-driven clinical insights and health system analysis inform operational optimization and improve patient care.

Data Intelligence

By applying advanced analytics to complex health data, our technology enables collaboration between clinical scientists, pharmaceutical researchers, and healthcare industry experts.

Hospitals and Providers

Deliver a higher quality of care with data-driven insights for tailored treatments and improved patient outcomes.

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Life Sciences

Integrate diverse populations from emerging markets into real-world data studies to accelerate research and generate evidence. Learn More >>>

We’re bridging the gap in
global healthcare.

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