Our Mission

We’re finding answers.

Mango is dedicated to building a more representative and equitable healthcare system that improves care for every patient and powers global health innovation.

In an ever-evolving medical landscape with inherent barriers to effective treatment and care, we provide access to some of the world’s largest emerging markets for populations that have never before been studied.

Our Values

We put patients first.

We know the answers are out there, and we’ll continue learning, connecting, and creating until a solution exists for every condition and every person — wherever they live in the world.

We connect patients that are isolated in their care, providers that have limited resources, and researchers that are constrained by lack of information with the groundbreaking tools to build a better system.
We place our patients at the focus of healthcare research, supported by scientific partners that we trust, to provide a greater understanding of humanity that will benefit us all.
We’re fundamentally changing the way drugs and therapies are derived, made, and tested by broadening access to our breadth of diverse health information and opening up new possibilities for global health.
Precision medicine is the future. By collaborating with industry leaders to consider both emerging and established markets in drug development and delivery, we create better solutions that work for all patients.
In an industry saturated with novel technologies for analyzing consumer data, we ensure total data protection and privacy for our millions of users. Our partners excel in performing cutting-edge research and designing solutions with the utmost respect and responsibility that patients and providers can rely on.

Our Leadership

We’re a team of innovators and builders.

Mango was founded by industry experts dedicated to improving patient representation in and access to comprehensive healthcare. Each member of our team is a pioneer in the fields of healthcare, life science research, and data analytics.


Mohit Misra, MD, MS
Co-founder and CEO


Vamsi Chandra Kasivajjala
Board Member


Gavin Miyasato, MS
Head of Data Science


Todd Gorsuch, MBA
Chief Commercial Officer

Join us to accelerate global health innovation.

Join us to accelerate global health innovation.