Hospitals and Providers

Improving care for every person, everywhere

Our health partners utilize clinical insights and health system analysis powered by our Querent™ analytics platform to inform operational optimization and improve patient care.

Querent is a state-of-the-art AI based analytics platform that delivers broad value to organizations in their transition to value and risk based care by enabling true data driven and strategic decision making.

How we improve patient care

1,000+ Dashboards  |  150+ Key Performance Indicators  |  60+ Predictive Models

Our platform processes and interprets messy, unstructured data from a clinic’s operational framework and immediately generates novel strategies for delivering better care in less time, improving operational efficiencies and optimizing economics.

1,000+ Dashboards
150+ Key Performance Indicators
60+ Predictive Models

Designed for patient-centered care. Our risk
prediction modeling technology gives providers the
power to plan holistic treatments and prioritize care,
as well as to assess and minimize readmission risk,
ensuring personalized, effective care for each patient.

Actionable insights at your fingertips. Using your data, we generate custom insights and strategies to improve employee satisfaction and improve health economics. Easy mobile and tablet dashboards allow administrators to access and track hospital activities instantly and receive regular updates.

An integrated network of industry professionals. Our interactive platform brings together all members of the healthcare industry, including physicians, hospital administrators, and researchers. We connect each crucial member of healthcare directly to the health needs of underrepresented populations, enabling them to efficiently and successfully deliver treatments that work.

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