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The world needs new solutions.

Pharmaceuticals and other health solutions developed by the modern healthcare system largely reflect a small subset of the global population — an overwhelming 86% of all clinical trial participants are of Caucasian origin though they make up only 16% of the world’s population.

With Mango Sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical researchers finally have access to the diverse health information and real-world evidence needed to generate novel solutions and serve all patients.

How we accelerate global precision medicine

A comprehensive platform powered by advanced analytics. Researchers and healthcare systems burdened by an incomplete understanding of disease patterns and substantial unmet medical need can now generate evidence and obtain crucial health insights made available by our industry-leading real-world data. Our real-world data addresses the needs of various life sciences teams including health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), research and development, and epidemiology.

Expanded access to global health data. We’re tackling worldwide health inequities by connecting health systems and clinics from India and other emerging markets to our secure HIPAA-compliant database. Mango Sciences’ real-world evidence is derived primarily from the EHRs of over 300 private hospitals and clinics in key emerging markets. This includes both structured and unstructured data across all patient populations.

Elevated research in a competitive market. With our health systems partnerships, emerging market expertise and health data resources, our collaborators are generating groundbreaking research, connecting more patients than ever before to clinical trials, and benefiting from cost-savings while bringing new treatments to market.

Care that works for all. Collaboration based research produces more personalized treatments, optimizes interventions and improves clinical outcomes, resulting in higher quality of care for patients, families, and care providers. Together, we will accelerate precision medicine for the benefit of all.

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