The key to unlocking global health

Mango Sciences is enabling global representation in health innovation by automating the process of collecting, reading, and transforming emerging market data into health insights of new populations around the world.

Our integrative approach enables our partners to address systemic issues and roadblocks inherent in clinics and laboratories in order to accelerate life science research and advance precision medicine.

State-of-the-art AI platform

From complex patient data, Mango unlocks real-world evidence for application to critical scientific research with its Querentâ„¢ analytics platform.

Querent is an artificial intelligence (AI) based analytics platform that delivers broad value to organizations in their transition to value and risk based care. From predictive and prescriptive analytics to patient engagement and care coordination, Querent enables true data-driven and strategic decision making.

Predictive Models
and Dashboards
Natural Language Processing
Electronic Data
and Cloud Computing
Real World Applications
and Quality Reporting


Development of a Deep Learning Algorithm for Automatic Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy

Abstract - This paper mainly focuses on the deep learning application in classifying the stage of diabetic retinopathy and detecting the laterality...

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Automatic Detection of Tuberculosis Using Deep Learning Methods

Abstract - In this paper, we present a deep learning based approach for automatically detecting tuberculosis manifestation from chest X-ray images...

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